List of Publications:

1. Ms. Mamta Malhotra:

i) Decorum in the house a bigger challenge
ii) Role of teacher in modern Indian society
iii) The challenges of working women in 21st century

2. Ms. Yashi Jain:

i) Choice of Career: Counselor a task master

3. Ms. Urmil Mehta:

i) Teaching a Blessing
ii) Muskurain aur Aagen Bhade

4. Ms. Nitika Arora:

i) Meditation and values in Society

5. Ms. Jyoti Devi:

i) Sources of values

6. Ms. Neelam Mahajan:

i) The Wonderland of Alaska

7. Ms. Ambica Verma:

i) Mathematica Teaching Needs Ingenuity

8. Ms. Jyoti Devi:

i) Education is an instrument of Social Change

9. Ms. Shallu Gupta:

i)Crisis in Culture

10. Ms. Puneet Kour:

i)The passionate Teacher



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