List of Research Projects

Taken up by the Faculty Members

List of Research Projects taken up by the Faculty Members

Three research projects have been completed in the two sessions.

Session: 2008-2009

Study of socio-economic status and pressure of traditions and customs on B.Ed students

Session : 2009-2010

A study of decreasing value among students.

A study on teaching/learning process (Alumni Feedback)


List of Research Projects (Under Process )taken up by the Faculty Members

Session : 2010-2011

1: A Study of test anxiety among secondary school students.

2:  Attitude of working and non-working Parents towards Homework.

3:  Attitude of B.Ed students towards cultural events.

4: Air Pollution awareness among teachers of the different colleges.

5: Profile of Toppers in high schools of jammu city in relation to learning strategies, study habbits and leisure time activity.

6: An analysis or comparative study of result of compulsory Papers of B.Ed.

7: Student's unrest.



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