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College Rules:- 

1.) The disciplinary Committee of the college consists of the Chairman, Principal and one senior lecture. The discipline is the watch word of the college, students who seek admission in this college have to maintain discipline and they shall have to give proof of their good behavior and conduct by doing so. If any student violates the discipline he/she is liable for rustication.


2.) Every student will carry the identity card in his/her possession daily during working hours. The same can be checked at any time by any member of the staff or the security officer at the gate.


3.) No student shall bring any outsider to the college as outsiders are not permitted.


4.) No political and Non-academic meetings of any sort can be held in the college premises.


5.) All male students will show courtesy towards female students, teachers and other members of staff both inside and outside the college premises.


6.)No notice will be displayed on the Notice Board bears the signature of the Principal and is issued from the office. The students should make it a habit to consult the Notice Board daily.


7.) Proper discipline should be maintained inside the class rooms , in the corridor  and in the campus at large.


8.) Students are expected to pay due respect to the teachers. If anyone indulges in misbehavior with the teacher or student, he/she will be severely dealt with.


9.) The students will wear college uniform on prescribed days in a week and no excuse on any grounds will be entertained.


10.) Each student of the college will show sincerity, regularity and punctuality in his/ her conduct at all times.

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